Photo Studio for Hire

The Fame Lights photo studio is available for hire based on full day or half day rates.

Along with the studio we provide an assistant who is well-versed in handling the lighting equipment and can assist in arranging matters related to makeup, dressing and even organizing lunch.

The equipment that is currently to our disposal at the studio is itemized in the list below:

– 3 back drops (white, black, green) with Manfretto autopole support system
– 2 Elinchrom Style RX 600 with stripbox (30×110), softbox (90×110), beauty dish (44cm)
– 3 Godox SK 400 – background & hair lights
– 2 Godox AD 360 with standard reflector head, 2 soft boxes (with grid), 2 beauty dishes with honeycombs (44 & 70cm), barn doors
– 2 Nikon SB910 speed lights
– 4 Godox continuous light LED 500 panels
– 12 lights stands
– Manfretto background system
– Pocket Wizard flash triggering system with three independent groups

Additional services available for hire:
– Photographers
– Photo editing
– Stylists & Makeup artists

Fame Lights photo studio interior
Fame Lights photo studio interior
Fame Lights photo studio interior

– Airconditioning
– Toilet
– Shower
– Fridge
– Kitchen
– Microwave
– Instant Garment Steamer 1600W

Studio dimensions:
Depth:                     11 meters
Width:                      6 meters
Ceiling Height:       3 meters

Our rates are excluding VAT:
Full day (8 hours): 5,000 baht
Half day (4 hours): 3,500 baht