Learn Photography

We offer photography classes for both beginners and more advanced photographers.

The beginners class covers the basic elements of photography and is conducted in a fun and engaging way with sessions both outside and inside the studio and a final trip to Chinatown at the end of the course.

The elements covered in this course are:

  • Where to find all the features on your camera to adjust exposure settings
  • How to properly expose your images using aperture, shutter speed and ISO.
  • How to correctly meter light through the camera to help set the correct exposure
  • How to use your camera and lens to improve focus in your images
  • How to create compelling images using composition

We believe that being curious about people and their humanity combined with the passion for photography is the most important recipe for creating good portraits. In our classes we apply this philosophy to make participants aware of  the power of photography and help them discover the creative juices that flow within themselves.

Food Photography workshop

For more advanced photographers we offer a two-day workshop in food photography which takes place in its entirety at the Fame Lights photo studio.

In this workshop we cover

  • the pros and cons of lighting food with natural and/or artificial light
  • composition and focus that will enhance the look of food in an image
  • aperture and shutter speed settings to ensure proper lighting and depth of field
  • white balance and the RAW format
  • the use of Adobe Lightroom and color/tone correcting of images