Our Services

At Fame Lights photo studio we specialize in food, product and portrait photography, although we boast many years of experience in fashion, corporate and interior photography as well.

Other than the commercial photography, we produce a lot of editorial images for both local and international magazines.

We also rent out our studio and teach photography skills.

When it comes to food photography, most of our work is done on location at the client’s venue or a location of the client’s choice.

We normally meet with the client prior to the assignment in order to get a better feel for what is needed. To get the best results there are several elements that need to be considered for a shoot: e.g.

  • Are the images going to be used for the menu of a restaurant or mainly for marketing purposes?
  • What kind of background is required? Plain white or something more colourful
  • Is a food stylist required for this assignment?
  • How many dishes are going to be shot?
  • Are there other elements that need to be photographed? e.g. interior, chef portrait, chef activity in the kitchen, etc.

After the shoot we deliver all images on a private online Dropbox gallery to be downloaded at the client’s convenience. All images will then have been optimized for screen and print (matte & glossy).

Fame Lights photo studio interior